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We like to share our clients’ feedback, however we believe in respecting our clients’ anonymity, for the clients who have kindly supplied details, we have supplied their initials and location only. All testimonials are genuine and have enabled our clients to progress in the direction that they wanted to go in. 
"I booked a session with Christina for my teenage son who was having anxiety issues ahead of his exams and around going away from home.  
Just one session with Christina has had a big impact on both my son and myself. Christina gave us techniques to remain calm and to deal with anxiety and stress. 
Her manner is very reassuring and calm – and she quickly built a good rapport with my son, who opened up honestly to her about his feeling and concerns. It was the first time either of us has done any hypnotherapy but I feel the experience has been completely life changing for us both. We cannot thank Christina enough." 

“I began seeing Christina when I felt that I needed gaining control of my life back, I was nervous that I would be laughed at for some of the things I went to see Christina about, but she made me feel completely at ease as soon as I walked through the door. There was a comfortable atmosphere and I felt that I could tell Christina anything I needed to, I felt completely safe and relaxed. During the sessions I've had, Christina has always been supportive, helping with many issues with messages through the week to see how I've got on. Would recommend to anyone :) xx” 

"I’ve wanted to lose weight, improve my core strength (as I suffer from lower back problems), and become fitter for a long time. Due to my irregular work schedule, it’s difficult for me to join any clubs, and I have no desire to join a gym, as my lack of motivation would lead to me not actually going. 
Christina encouraged myself and a couple of friends to create a small workout group. We get together in a garden at varying times to suit us all. She focuses safely and professionally on our individual needs, injuries and wishes, and appropriately tailors each session. She also adapts to our varying demands on time. Christina has created numerous different workouts has been extremely encouraging, fantastically flexible, supportive, and makes each session different and fun!! No 2 sessions have been the same! 
We’ve been exercising together for a few months, and I truly love our sessions! It’s fab doing our workouts outdoors! We’ve all become stronger, fitter, more motivated, and we all support each other, and have a great giggle too!" 
“On my search for the right solution to manage the daily work and life stresses in effective and positive ways, it was through Mindfulness, that I was able to achieve this. I spent some time learning how to be mindful, it was one of the most important practices that I have brought into my life, I am more efficient, relaxed and in tune with my work and day to day life, I now have the ability to manage stress in a more positive and helpful way, this was the start in gaining my qualification as a Teacher/Practitioner in Mindfulness .” - Christina 

Take a look around the Snowdrop House website to get a feel for how we can help you to make positive changes in your life. If you think we can help you, or you'd like to find out more, please email info@snowdrophouse.co.uk 

Client Testimonial 

"I am so much happier" 
"Christina helped me become a happier person. I was stuck in an unhealthy, unhappy and demotivated place. Through NLP coaching and hypnotherapy sessions with Christina I have become more motivated and developed a much healthier lifestyle. I am now exercising more, I've reduced my alcohol intake and improved my diet. I now focus on my achievements and I am so much happier, which was my goal. I cannot thank her enough." 
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