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Mindfulness Jar


30 DAYS OF MINDFULNESS.... is a glass gift jar which contains 30 colour coded notes.

These are split into three categories;
Mindful Vibes:- these are mindful vibes and quotes
Mindful Activities:- these are practical yet easy activities to be undertaken to practice mindfulness
Attitudes of Mindfulness:- the principles of mindfulness are explained which underpin the essence of mindful practice.

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Mindfulness is becoming more widely used to manage the daily stresses of life and helping us to look after our long term mental well-being. Some of the benefits of mindfulness include; better quality of sleep, reduction in stress and anxiety, improved concentration, memory and creativity, greater resilience, increased confidence and self esteem and pain reduction.

EXPERIENCE MINDFULNESS: Experience how mindfulness can bring peace and a sense of calm to a noisy mind through various mindful approaches. This perfect gift gives you ways on how to bring yourself back into the present moment, mindfulness can be an excellent antidote to stress and anxiety, helping with physical symptoms too.

We have purposefully spread the three categories over three different coloured notes so it enables you to easily select your mindful needs for the day at a moments glance. The colour code is detailed on the reverse of the packaging to explain which colour represents which category.
Examples include:
“By increasing the energy that you give to positive thoughts, you reduce the energy you feed the negative ones”
“Experience mindful eating – by allowing yourself some time to be fully present when eating a mindful meal, you will not only enjoy it more as you savour the flavours, textures and aromas, but you will absorb more of the nutrients in your food. ”
“Disconnect – disconnect from electronic devices for a while, spend time in nature, give your mind time to rest and recharge. Maybe the next time you charge your phone up, take the time to recharge yourself, enjoy a walk, listen to a guided meditation, read a book, you are after all in need of recharging too.”
“Non-striving – removing any unnecessary pressures that you put on your life, there will of course be times that you have goals or deadlines, but try to look at the areas that you have in life where the pressure can be taken off a little.”

This gift has been created with the environment in mind. The jar is made from quality glass with a bronze stylish metal screw top lid. This can be used to store the notes or reused for another purpose and is recyclable. The paper used for the notes is FSC certified meaning it has come from well managed and sustainable forests and is recyclable. The packing shredded paper is recyclable and biodegradable. The gift box is 100% biodegradable.

The gift box measures approx 13cm tall by 9cm in diameter
The glass jar measures approx 10cm x 8cm

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