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Practise Gratitude DIY Gift Jar


Practise Gratitude DIY Gift Jar Set Note Templates Motivation Happiness Positivity Thankfulness Kindness Family | 30 days of Gratitude

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A diy jar gift set to enable you to practise 30 days of gratitude. Gratitude has been shown to invoke feelings of happiness and positivity. This gift set includes a quality glass jar with gold coloured lid. Inside are thirty pre cut note templates which are colour coded (ten of each). The sets are printed with a cute design and prompts to allow you to identify and write down things that made you smile, ways you have shown appreciation and things you are thankful for. The idea is to select one note template each day for 30 days and make notes on it, then fold it up and place it in the jar. Then once the thirty days are up you can either revisit all the notes in one go or use the next thirty days to select one back out rereading the things you have written. The jar set can be used on your own, be given as a gift or even used as a family involving children to practise gratitude with a little help from adults. The gift set has been created with the environment in mind and all items are fully recyclable.

Some of the features of this product:

Dimensions of the overall boxed set are 13cm x 10cm x 10cm;
Eco Friendly;
Includes 30 days worth of note templates to practise gratitude;
Professionally printed;
Perfect gift for yourself or for your mum, dad, friend, auntie, uncle, nan, grandad the list goes on;
Unusual gift suitable for a variety of occasions such as a birthday, mothers day, christmas, anniversary etc.

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