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I Love You Jar DIY (Red)


I Love You Jar DIY Sentimental Keepsake Gift Reasons Why I Love You Notes, Special Memories, & Date Night Ideas Valentines Day Personalised

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All you need to create your own jar of love! A natural cardboard gift box which contains a quality glass jar with a bronzed metal lid. Included is a label to go on the back of the box for you to stick on once you've written your gift note to your loved one in the space provided. It shows a key for the colour coded notes.

There are 30 blank note templates provided, each are printed on luxury 120gsm paper with with a basic design to frame the note. Included are 10 notes with the wording I love you because... in scripted font with a love heart in the corner. These notes are printed on a crisp white linen style paper ready for you to write down in your own handwriting your ten reasons that you love that special someone.

There are also 10 notes printed on blush pink luxury paper with the wording "Remember when..." and a sun in the bottom right hand corner. These are for you to write your ten best special memories for your partner or loved one to reminise about.

Finally 10 notes printed on almond coloured luxury paper with the wording "Let's plan to..." with a star in the bottom corner. These are for you to write ten ideas or ways to spend time together like date night ideas or things you want to achieve together.

Once you've written on the notes carefully fold them up and put into the jar which has a sticker on the front saying I love you with a red love heart. Then carefully place the jar back into the cardboard gift box and finally put the sticker on the back of the box once you've written your gift note.

The final product is a fully personalised yet professionally romantic gift perfect for Valentine's Day or a Birthday etc for a loved one or even your bestie. As an added bonus all items used to create the gift are eco friendly and recyclable.

PERFECT GIFT IDEA: The perfect gift for your boyfriend, girlfriend, partner, wife, husband, mum, dad, bestie and best friend to show your love, memories and ideas for creating new memories/ date nights. An idea gift for Valentine’s Day, Birthday, Mother’s Day, Christmas.

SENTIMENTAL GIFT FOR PERSONALISATION: When you buy this diy jar kit today, you will receive a high quality jar which is made from glass with a bronzed style screw lid. The jar contains a total of 30 notes ready for you to write down your personalised messages of love, memories and date night ideas. The notes are split into three colours which represent 10 reasons I Love You, 10 of our special memories and 10 ideas for creating new memories / date night ideas.

COLOUR CODED NOTES: Each style of note has a unique design reading; I love you because… / Remember when… / Let’s plan to… leaving plenty of space for you to write down your personal note. The jar is then presented in a kraft gift box, also included is an additional label detailing the key for the coloured notes as well as a space for you to write a special greeting such as Happy Valentines Day etc. You can then stick the label onto the back of the box to complete your gift.

CONTAINS EVERYTHING TO EASILY MAKE A THOUGHTFUL GIFT: This jar gift set kit contains everything you need to easily create a thoughtful and unique gift which is sure to touch the heart of the person you give it to. We’ve made it as easy as possible, just write down your memories, ideas for creating new ones and the reasons you love your special loved one. Then put it together for the perfect gift.

ECO FRIENDLY MATERIALS: This gift has been created with the environment in mind. The jar is made from quality glass with a bronze stylish metal screw top lid. This can be used to store the notes or reused for another purpose and is recyclable. The paper used for the notes is FSC certified meaning it has come from well managed and sustainable forests and is recyclable. The packing shredded paper is recyclable and biodegradable. The gift box is 100% biodegradable.

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