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Quit Smoking, Now. 

Making it easy to quit. Testimonial 

“So after smoking for the last 18 years, only breaking the habit whilst I was pregnant I decided enough was enough and it was time to pack it in. I had always used every excuse under the sun not to stop- from holidays to certain stressful events to 'I don't want to put on weight' to name just a few. The mere thought of giving up terrified me as smoking was my crutch and it was sad to say I reached for the pack of cancerous sticks at any opportunity I had. 
I had tried to give up several times before and lasted 9 months at the most with the rest of my attempts finding myself reach for them between week 3 to up to 4 months. I'd tried patches, gum, the tablets and tried replacing it with vaping but nothing had kept me off them. 
I went to Christina after thinking, hypnotherapy - why not?! It was the one thing I hadn't tried and I must admit I had mixed feelings going into the appointment just because the thought of not smoking again petrified me. (But not as much as the thought of slowly killing myself through my addiction!) I had come to the point where physically I was ok, i eat healthy and do lots of exercise only to ruin it all by puffing away. 
I must say the session I had was amazing, I immediately felt at ease with Christina and we discussed why I smoke, how long is been smoking and my fears of saying no more to it. The consultation included chatting about what I wanted to achieve and the benefits of cutting this habit out of my life. During our chat I decided I wanted to have included in my hypnotherapy aversion therapy- so that when I wanted or were around cigarettes rather than have a craving I was repulsed!- it worked! Amazingly so. I walked out of the session and didn't feel any different until I came across someone smoking on my walk home - I had absolutely no urge to smoke whatsoever in fact it disgusted me. I found it easy to resist any urges to smoke and I was amazed that I literally walked into the session a smoker and out of it a non smoker. 
I can not recommend Christina enough I felt totally relaxed throughout and felt great after. And now along with the obvious health benefits I have the bonus of saving a fortune! 
Thank you Christina.” 

Making it easy to quit 

Most of our clients are surprised by how easy it is to quit smoking using hypnotherapy. Are you ready to quit smoking for good? 
If you want to understand more about hypnotherapy, please read our hypnotherapy page. Alternatively, if you're ready to make a change and quit smoking now, then call us on 07807 991251 or fill in our contact form today. 

Quit 4 Life 

Christina is a Quit 4 Life practitioner, which means that she is trained in helping people to quit smoking through a national support network that provides hypnotherapy along with ongoing help and support. It integrates well-known approaches such as cognitive behavioural therapy and solution focused techniques. 
In addition, for every client who books on, Snowdrop House donates £5 to cancer research. The first session is £160 and if a repeat session is necessary then the cost is £80. These sessions are generally longer sessions than for other hypnotherapy treatments. 
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